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About us

J & J Services Trading Sdn Bhd (formally known as J & J Trading Enterprise) has been operating since 1995 and has won several awards for its cleaning services. Backed by existing workforce of over 500 we are committed to serve new and existing clients through out whole Sarawak. We are committed to use up to date cleaning equipment's, chemicals as well as hygiene products to serve our clients ensuring a clean, pleasant and conducive atmosphere all the time

Our aim when we clean: We know that every building structure is different and require a different level of cleaning. Our cleaners are reference checked, trained and insured. We also procure and retain quality products ensuring you get a consistent and reliable cleanliness everytime.


Educate, giving the awareness and enhance the livelihood of people about the importance of hygiene in order to form a more inspiring world.


  • RESIDENTS - Working with great environment and great people who always inspire to bring the company to be the best among the best, with their mission to motivate themselves to the best

  • PRODUCTIVITY - To ensure that J & J  is reputed as No.1 service provider in the cleaning service industry in Sarawak.



  1. Leadership - Encourge to inspire and shape a better future.

  2. Responsibility - We are responsible for every choice that has been made.

  3. Passion - High level of commitment in the hearts and minds.

  4. Quality - Whatever we do, we do the best.

  5. Fun - Being productive together with J & J


Quality bring success


We welcome your inquiries. Quotation will be presented based on your requirements and scope of works, on site visit to the said premise is prudent to determine an accurate quote.

(Proving One-Stop Service Covering All Aspect of Cleaning)


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